Christmas Season 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Life's Big Questions

Hope For Tomorrow - Rock Solid Faith

Distinguishing Marks of a Relevant Church (ekklesia)

Independence Day 2016

Developing A Servant's Heart

Renovating My House

Mother's Day 2016

Featuring Special Music by Bob Bennett

Verse-by-verse Bible Study

These are a special verse-by-verse study by Dr. Gino Pasquariello, Chief Academics Officer of Southern California Seminary. These are held for a limited time only on Sunday evenings at 5:30 pm . 

Easter 2016

Palm Sunday 2016

Evidence Enough to Convict Us as Christians

Valentine's Day 2016

God's Plan for Marriage

My Marriage Is About My Relationship to Jesus

8-15 Your World is Smaller Than You Think

New Year 2016